Water leak into apartment from outside

I have a client who is purchasing an apartment in the Bronx.  In my inspection, I identified a wet spot on the living room wall next to a window.  Now I don’t like to make trouble unless its absolutely necessary, and when dealing with water leakage, I use a methodology, which includes a moisture meter and infrared camera, to make the call as to whether a suspect area is wet or dry.  In this case, the suspect area had blistered paint and tested “wet” with the moisture meter.  In such cases, building maintenance will often deny that there’s a leak problem, as it is in their own best interrest that there is no leak.   Even sometimes, as was the case here, the super shows up with his moisture meter to “prove” that there is no leak.  Of course, I chase leaks in buildings on a daily basis, so once the buyer’s attorney presented my methodology to building management, they surprisingly relented and stated that there was in fact some Local Law 11 work that needed to be done on the exterior facade right outside the subject apartment.  The client was satisfied and moved forward with the purchase.

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